Starbuzz liquid is so tasty that it drives our bathers crazy from the very first puff. The tube is glass, equipped with a pipette, which makes the use of this fluid even more convenient.

All tastes of liquids:

  • Starbuzz Double Apple- Double Apple and Anise
  • Starbuzz Blue Mist- Blueberry and Mint
  • Starbuzz Code 69- Tropical Fruit Cocktail
  • Starbuzz Golden Grape- Sweet grapes
  • Starbuzz Green Savior- Exotic Fruit
  • Starbuzz Irish Peach- Peach with Mint
  • Starbuzz Pink- Fruit caramel
  • Starbuzz Pirate's Cave- Sweet Lemon with Lime
  • Starbuzz Queen of sex- Citrus Mint
  • Starbuzz Sex on the beach- Peach Cocktail
  • Starbuzz Simply Mango- Sweet mango
  • Starbuzz Simply Mint- Sweet mint
  • Starbuzz Sweet Melon- Sweet melon
  • Starbuzz White Mint"My and Mentol

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300 rub.

  • Starbuzz liquid 15 ml - 1 pc

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