Mr.Black 60 ml

Mr.Black liquid 60 ml

400 rub.

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Liquid for electronic cigarettes Mr.Black occupies an important place among all such products, because it not only has excellent taste, but also eliminates the so-called "effect of passive smoking." This manufacturer offers its customers a lot of new flavors, unforgettable smell and tastes that have special notes, special taste. Therefore, Mr.Black is so fond of many lovers of soaring. For a small price you can try a huge variety of tastes that you could only dream about before. Now, you can treat yourself to Mr.Black liquid with chocolate, pine needles and many others. The palette of tastes is unusually large and here everyone will find what he likes. In our club there is a liquid of different volume - 15 and 60 ml. Each of the flavors has a certain level of nicotine that will allow you to get a furious pleasure from soaring. On the resource pages are presented only original products, which have all the relevant certificates. Would you like to try something new? Then, become a member of our club and soar with us.