• Name - Mini X9
  • Rechargeable Battery - X9 900 mAh
  • Battery Capacity - 900 mAh

A full battery charge is about enough for two packs of analog cigarettes

  • Features of the X9 900 mAh battery:

Blocking the battery - the Mini X9 battery is put on the lock by quickly pressing the button three times in a second. When the battery is locked, the indication on the button will flash. To unlock the battery, you also need to quickly, within a second, press the battery button three times and also the button indication flashes on the battery, which will indicate that the battery is unlocked

  • Battery connector output - 510
  • Battery color - silver, black, red, purple, blue, green, orange
  • Battery dimensions:

Length - 74 mm

Diameter - 14 mm

  • Refueling. Clearomizer refills from below, in the area of ​​the connector. The base is unscrewed and a liquid is poured from the bottle directly into the flask (preferably at the edges so as not to fill the center of the airway tube located in the center of the clearomizer). If the liquid gets into the center of the airway tube, collect the clearomizer and, from the mouthpiece side, start blowing into the clearomizer so that the “extra” liquid in the tube comes out of the connector. Then wipe the connector from the released liquid and can use it again.
  • Connector output - 510
  • Color - transparent with a metal mouthpiece
  • USB battery charger. To connect the battery to the USB, you will need to completely unscrew the cigarette (unscrew the battery maser) and, from the side of the battery connector, start screwing it into the charger connector. Then connect it to any USB port and the battery will start charging. This USB charger has a protection function, the essence of which is to stop charging from the moment the battery becomes fully charged

A warning! To avoid battery failure, it is not advisable to screw the battery into the charger already connected to the power supply! First screw the battery into the USB charger, then just connect it to any USB port.

  • Adapter from USB to network - a universal adapter from any USB charger to a network (outlet)

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  • Kristina

    Beautiful girl. Not a bit sorry that I bought it. Great kit. thank.


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    Clearomizer harmonizes very well with the battery. Well, a very beautiful cigarette. I really liked. Soars wonderful


  • Slavik

    That just got your order. Emotions weight. So glad. The cigarette is very beautiful. I really like. A couple so much that I get lost in it =)
    Thank you very much, your service is excellent !!


  • Semyon

    A huge plus for me is the equipment. Just super! Everything needed. One hundred percent worth its money. The set is great. CLASS


  • defes

    how old are they sold to children