• Name - Nemesis
  • Tuna - Nemesis
  • What is a "bird"?

Carcass - outer body Fashion

  • Features of Mechanical Fashion Nemesis:

Mechanical Mods (MehMody) is the simplest and therefore most reliable design of electronic cigarettes. They have completely no electronic board; when the button is pressed, the battery directly connects to the evaporator.

Due to the absence of electronics, there is nothing to break here, but the evaporation power directly depends on the quality of the battery.

In MehMods, it is preferable to use low-resistance evaporators. You can also use 18350-18650 form factor batteries in this model.

If you want to make a full-fledged Varivolt of Mechanical Fashion - we recommend to purchasekick board

cumulatory batteries 18350-18650 form factors

The body is fully collapsible. With the extension cords included in the carcass kit, you can adjust the length of the mod.

Carcass MehMod Nemesis disassembles into 6 parts

Lock MehMod Nemesis put by scrolling buttons that are parallel to the connector. When scrolling, the button is locked, hiding under the blocking ring. Thus, you can not worry about accidentally pressing a button. To start using the MehMod Nemesis - you need to spin the locking ring, so the button is in the open position

  • Carcase Connector Output - 510
  • Color carcass - silver


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1 900 rub.

  • Meme Nemesis = 1 pc

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  • Vyacheslav

    I just got my long-awaited mod. you know, a lot of emotions. so liked. body is excellent. The design is impressive. Quality is top notch. hovers wonderfully simple. saturated and thick steam. I advise all my friends. just an indispensable thing I think.


  • Dmitriy

    I fully agree with Vyacheslav’s comment. The mod is very good. About the price, I generally keep quiet. it's just a fairy tale and not the price.
    The big advantage is that the mod completely understands. Length adjustment is great! Colleagues all the time think that different cigarettes with me yearn to work. =)
    I'm pleased with the purchase. I advise parilshchik to this particular model fur fashion


  • Alex

    Design is awesome! I like it so. I do not let out of my hands. take me everywhere and always with me.
    You know, I ordered myself looking at the reviews. Watch what people like. and I think, and I'll get one for myself. After all, outwardly, he was not inferior to a single cigarette.
    And I am very glad that I did it. I do not regret a bit. Worth the money .. Sure !!
    Thank you


  • Kirill

    Tell me what else you should buy for this fashion to collect a fully prepared electronic cigarette.


    • Nicholas

      The battery still needs a charger for it and a mizer.


  • Lubomir

    Finally got this kind of machine. It looks bombeczno, everything works, everything turns up, everything looks reliable and high-quality. Immediately took him a kick-kamri (I advise everyone who will use the game without protection). A little problem with the button, a little zaidies when you press not in the center, but that's nonsense and on youtube there is a sea of ​​video as such a thing to fix. Mod is simply super, alternatives on appearance and insufficiency / quality, on the market, I do not see. I advise everyone who is tired of breakdown of buttons on varivoltas and usual e-cigarettes. There's all the mechanics here and just nothing to break. Very pleased. The store is a great respect and greetings from Lviv. Glory to Ukraine! ;)