• Name - Fuhattan
  • Tush - Fuhattan
  • What is a "bird"?

Carcass - outer body Fashion

  • Features of Mechanical Fashion Fuhattan:

Mechanical Mods (MehMody) is the simplest and therefore most reliable design of electronic cigarettes. They have completely no electronic board; when the button is pressed, the battery directly connects to the evaporator.

Due to the absence of electronics, there is nothing to break here, but the evaporation power directly depends on the quality of the battery.

In MehMods, it is preferable to use low-resistance evaporators. You can also use 18350-18650 form factor batteries in this model.

If you want to make a full-fledged Varivolt of Mechanical Fashion - we recommend to purchasekick board

  • Carcase Connector Output - 510
  • Color carcass - black, gray, yellow

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1 800 rub.

  • Fuhattan Flesh Mushroom = 1 pc

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