• Meiser - Clearomizer X6 V2. Manufacturer Kamry
  • Mizer Capacity - 2.5 ml
  • Folding - yes. Separately available for sale to him:spiralsthe basicsflasksmouthpieces
  • Features of clearomizer X6 V2:

"Drip type". In this case, the drip type is a removable mouthpiece, of which there is a large variety. Thanks to this system you can experiment with various mouthpieces on clearomizer "drip". All kinds of them can seehere!

The spiral in the single-spiral clearomizer is in the upper location

  • Refueling. Clearomizer refills top, in the area of ​​the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is removed and a liquid is poured from the bottle directly into the flask (preferably at the edges so as not to fill the center of the air tube, which is in the center of the clearomizer). If the liquid gets into the center of the airway tube - unscrew the clearomizer from the carcass and, from the mouthpiece side, start blowing into the clearomizer so that the “extra” liquid in the tube comes out of the connector. Then wipe the connector from the released liquid and can use it again.
  • Connector output - 510
  • Color - transparent with metallic
  • Dimensions:

Height - 65 mm

Diameter - 20 mm

For a full review of the X6 V2 clearomizer, see HERE!

Want to learn how to choose the clearomizer? Then pressHERE!

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400 rub.

  • Clearomizer X6 V2 = 1 pcs

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  • Galeznik Eugene

    Great new! Design and taste are at their best ... and rewinding spirals in this clearing turned out to be easy


  • Mark

    As in some other models there is a feature for refueling. Probably, for experienced owners of new I will not say anything, but it will help newbies. It is necessary to pour the liquid around the edges, so that it would not hit the nozzle in the middle. After refueling, it is necessary to give time for the threads to get wet, and only then juzat.


  • Demidov

    Wonderful model. It would seem that the incompatible is combined here: compact size + large volume, low price + high quality. Excellent saturability and steam formation + economical fluid flow due to resistance. Harmonious model in every sense.


  • Hymn Anthem

    And I was attracted by the compactness of a clearomizer + an acquaintance also uses this. I asked him nothing negative did not say. Even such a common misfortune as a leak, and then not. So I decided to take it for myself and try it - I did not regret it.


  • Valerchik

    It is very easy to change the core, everything is done thoughtfully and simply, but reliably. Who wants a quality clearomizer with excellent characteristics - I advise this.


  • Catherine

    I also liked its appearance, saw it on the shelves of the store, was different from the others, I also liked the roomy tank, well, the class!


  • Anton

    And what about the tightening? Tight easy?


  • Grechko Bogdan Stanislavovich

    There is a question, what is the standard winding on it ??
    how many ohms?
    since i'm hovering on the fur nemesis, will it fit or not?