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Clearreizer Pyrex (Light Bulb)

  • Maiser - Pyrex Clearomizer (Light Bulb)
  • Folding - yes. Separately available for sale to him: spiral
  • Features of Pyrex (Light Bulbs):

System drip-type. A drip-type system is a method of smoking electronic cigarettes that does not use the padding of the cartridge; instead, the smoking fluid is poured directly into the atomizer itself. At the same time, the cartridge is either not used at all, or a filler is removed from it (an empty cartridge or a plug can be placed). Instead of a cartridge, they can also be used. Drip types- special mouthpieces for dripping. Pyrex fills directly from the bottle into the spiral itself with two or three drops. And constantly dig up the liquid, depending on the taste of "soaring"

Shock-resistant, resistant to oxidation by liquids, heat-resistant glass - Pyrex

The spiral in the single-spiral clearomizer is in the upper location

  • Connector output - 510
  • Color - transparent

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300 rub.

  • Clearomizer Pyrex (Light Bulb) = 1 piece

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