The spiral in the single-spiral clearomizer is in the lower position

  • Refueling. Clearomizer refills from below, in the area of ​​the connector. The base is unscrewed and a liquid is poured from the bottle directly into the flask (preferably at the edges so as not to fill the center of the airway tube located in the center of the clearomizer). If the liquid gets into the center of the airway tube, collect the clearomizer and, from the mouthpiece side, start blowing into the clearomizer so that the “extra” liquid in the tube comes out of the connector. Then wipe the connector from the released liquid and can use it again.
  • Connector Output - eGo
  • Color - transparent, green, red
  • Dimensions:

Height - 65 mm

Diameter - 14 mm

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240 rub.

  • Clearomizer MCE3 = 1 pcs

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  • Depth

    Hmm ... read the description and a few questions were born ... What kind of cold steam? How does it work out? I understand that the hole for the liquid below, whether there is a leak due to this design ???


  • Mendoza

    And I do not understand what surprises you so much - a lot of electronic cigarettes can be pampered with both warm and cold steam - this is not exotic for a long time. Cold steam, in many ways much more interesting in their sensations, is very soft. Someone told me that because of this, the fluid was being chased, but nothing like that was noticed. Regarding the design, done very thoughtfully. Plus can be considered and replaceable spiral. By the way, the quality of my own is not bad at all, but I did it for myself. A normal volume, in which you do not often fill up and the liquid does not get bored, you can alternate flavors. In principle, I saw in the model only the positive side.


  • Edward

    Made with high quality. The flask is strong, made of good plastic. Anyway, I did not see the information anywhere, and, fortunately, I did not encounter a problem when it bursts. It was interesting how much the model complies with the declared characteristics - it measured the resistance and turned out to be within the indicated numbers. Actually, I can advise!


  • Dim4ik

    Today took! Very cool, satisfied with the purchase! Thanks for the fast delivery and high quality!


  • Novel

    Do not take a garbage, even the month did not last !! flask climbed from different sides !!