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Electronic cigarette Mr.Black 901 in a blister

  • Name - Mr.Black 901 in a blister
  • Rechargeable Battery - Mr.Black 901 180 mAh
  • Battery Capacity - 180 mAh

A full charge of the battery is about 15 analog cigarettes

  • Battery Connector Output - DSE 901
  • Battery color - white
  • Battery dimensions:

Length - 63 mm

Diameter - 8 mm

  • Majzer - cartridge DSE 901
  • Cartomizer Capacity - 1 ml
  • Maiser features:

Cartomizer DSE 901 completely eliminates leaks, because it is completely filled with centipon, which absorbs liquid well

  • Refueling. It is necessary to refill the cartomizer with a liquid in the untwisted form (without contact with the battery). A lid opens on the opposite side of the connector and you will notice a centipon at the edges, and in the middle of the airway tube, the liquid is poured straight from the bottle into the cartomizer (preferably along the edges, so as not to fill the center of the cartomizer). If the liquid gets into the center of the airway tube - close the lid and from the side of the same lid start blowing into the cartomizer so that the “extra” liquid in the tube comes out of the connector. Then wipe the connector from the released liquid and can use it again.
  • Cardomizer Connector Outlet - DSE 901
  • Cartomizer Color - Yellow
  • Cartomizer Sizes:

Length - 35 mm

Diameter - 8 mm

  • USB battery charger. To connect the battery to the USB, you will need to completely unscrew the cigarette (unscrew the battery maser) and, from the side of the battery connector, start screwing it into the charger connector. Then connect it to any USB port and the battery will start charging. This USB charger for batteries with a 901 connector has a protection function, the essence of which is to stop charging from the moment the battery becomes fully charged

A warning! To avoid battery failure, it is not advisable to screw the battery into the charger already connected to the power supply! First screw the battery into the USB charger, then just connect it to any USB port.

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The set of Mr.Black 901 in a blister includes:

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  • Konstantin

    I liked this cigarette, I don’t like big models ...
    808 clearomizer was screwed into this and everything, even more steam became, I have enough (in comparison with what they write in the forums that classical models do not float at all) for 200 hryvnias is generally excellent!


  • Mishanka

    And my friend gave me the exact same cigarette. Completely different sensations, compared with traditional cigarettes. Really, as if soaring. Pleasant aroma, feeling of lightness, and I don’t ruin my health now. A cool thing is this electronic cigarette.


  • Vitovt

    Cigarette is quite normal. The pair is not very much, but looking to compare. Of course, with more expensive models, it may seem a little, but if this model is taken as the first ES, then it will be quite enough. Everything is relative. I like.


  • Sanek

    A cartomizer, of course, is not the most convenient thing, especially in terms of refueling, but, but a cigarette is not expensive. It works great, and this is important!


  • Romchik

    I can not complain, the product is good in quality and just gorgeous in its price. In its class, a cigarette is just great. I chose only from the classics because I feel more confident when I smoke something like a regular cigarette. In general, the word "smoke" now somehow does not fit. The sensations from the e-cigarette are completely different, especially you feel all the charms when you refill with unusual liquid, taste Cuban cigars, brandy, or something else. With careful storage, it will work accordingly, so, I would put a solid 5k of this model, regardless of the small-sized minuses.


  • The

    The impressions are very interesting. This is my first electronic cigarette and, in principle, I am satisfied. Initially, there was a strange taste, but then weathered. Probably for new cigarettes is in the order of things. In any case, a very interesting thing ...