Frequently asked Questions

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  1. How to smoke an e-cigarette?
  2. Who and when invented them? Where do they produce?
  3. What is an electronic cigarette?
  4. What does it taste like, this cigarette?
  5. And why does smoke come out of it?
  6. Liquid? And what is included in its composition?
  7. Nicotine?! After all, he is harmful?
  8. How much liquid is enough?
  9. Which electronic cigarette is the best of all?
  10. It is more profitable to smoke an electronic cigarette !?
  11. Fluid in the mouth, what to do?
  12. How do I know that the battery is low?
  13. What is the battery life?
  14. What you need to know about lithium-ion batteries
  15. How to care for e-cigarette?
  16. Why are the prices of e-cigarettes so different from each other?
  17. Malfunctions
  18. How to find out on the eGo battery that a short circuit in an atom?
  19. How to replace the replaceable head in the clearomizer E-Turbo CE9 (2.4ml), Kanger T2
  20. How to remake the mouthpiece on the Clear2 Tanger K2 2.4ml.?
  21. How to rewind and replace the helix in a serviced Rocket-2 atomizer
  22. What is smoking drip?
  23. How to fill clearomizer?
  24. Malfunction Tips
  25. What is clearomizer?
  26. Repair battery DT LIPCTICK in 5 seconds
  27. Atomizers and Cartomizers
  28. Replacing wicks on clearomizers with lower helix
  29. How to choose clearomizer
  30. How to measure the resistance of interchangeable spirals (in clearomizer)
  31. How to measure the resistance of Kanger T3S clearomizer interchangeable coils
  32. How to replace wicks in T2 clearomizer (E-Turbo CE9)
  33. How to replace wicks in clearomizers
  34. How to replace wicks in Kanger T3S clearomizers
  35. How to rewind a spiral in a clearomizer?
  36. How to burn spirals in clearomizers?
  37. Rewind helix on E-turbo
  38. Cleaning Clearomizer CE2