Blue Hawaiian Electronic Cigarette Presentation

In September of this year (September 20), the Blue team traveled to Hawaii to show all the beauty of electronic hovering there.

They made a public presentation of Mods, e-cigarettes and various flavors and liquids firms.

Erotic advertising of electronic cigarettes

Persons under 18 years old are not recommended!

Already quite famous actresses Veronica Rodriguez and Luna Star demonstrate the work of electronic cigarettes in a very unusual way.

Their video ads triggered an e-cigarette BOOM. Advertisers of other e-cigarette companies nervously “smoke aside” looking at such beautiful women with electronic cigarettes in their hands.

Passive smoking of electronic cigarettes

Passive smoking? In electronic cigarettes? Can not be!

passivnoe kyrenie

And indeed, this can not be, because in electronic cigarettes does not contain smoke, and steam, which does not have several thousand types of carcinogenic substances, tar, tobacco. This is just the simplest steam, from which it is impossible to breathe passive smoking.

Amateur advertising of electronic cigarettes

How much positive the author of this video reported to us!

After all, indeed, around us every day there are fussy smokers, from which comes the unpleasant smell of smoke from cigarettes. How much you will save effort, time and money if you do not smoke. Soaring is the best way to get rid of the fuss and unpleasant smell of tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes - our step into the future!

Electronic cigarettes - our step into the future!

Think about how much has come out over the past 20-30 years? Not so long ago no one had any computers, no phones, no hardware. But now? Now we can’t imagine our life without computers, phones and other devices created by people in a short period of time.

After all, if we have a question - we ask about it in Google. If we need to find out the news taking place in any part of the Earth - we go to YouTube (well, or other sources).

Every year the level of technical knowledge is growing.

Our electronic cigarettes are not far behind the technical progress.

According to the experts and estimates, e-cigarettes will soon be sold on every piece of the globe. They will meet on your way at every step. Within 10 years, 95% of the population will switch to electronic vaping, as cigarette prices will rise several times (this is the main reason for switching from ordinary cigarettes to electronic cigarettes), and also because of health reasons. There will be less cancer in the world, there will be no passive smoking, the standard of living will grow.

Electronic cigarettes are our step into the future!

Social advertising “I am free now”

People were so surprised and shocked by the number of cigarettes smoked by them in two weeks - a week, or even less, which contributed to their decision to quit smoking cigarettes and be free people who were not dependent on cigarettes from craving to drag on. They have made their choice, and now, they are free.

Each goal had its own:

  • for the sake of family (so as not to clog their lungs due to passive smoking),
  • the realization that cigarettes are being killed, and with each puff you get closer and closer to death,
  • they do not like the smell of cigarette smoke, cigarettes for them - disgusting! but the craving for nicotine is stronger, and they switch to electronic soaring,
  • for someone - just like to stand out and walk with beautiful fashions,
  • someone, in order to save money, switched to e-cigarettes,
  • someone gives out an e-cigarette plus that it does not stink, it is pleasant to smoke (soar), because it can be of any taste (starting from cigarettes, ending with berries, coffee, etc.)

From electronic smoking - some advantages!

What will be your choice?

Advertisement of electronic cigarettes “Look at me”

Electronic cigarettes "Look at me" - American brand. They created an ad in this theme to highlight your originality and, as they say, the slope with electronic cigarettes.

It is very convenient with it, it does not emit any unpleasant odor, but rather a pleasant aroma. What flavor? - Yes, anything: tobacco, fruit, Coca-Cola, etc. By this you attract everyone's attention and interest in your person.