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Welcome to our club!

In our club you can purchase: electronic cigarettes and accessories, clearomizerscartridges, charging device, cigarette batteries, картмайзеры, accessoriesand much more.

You can buy all kinds of electronic cigarettes from us, from cheap cigarettes E-classand ending with professional Modami и Mechanical Mods. Also, you can create your own cigarette by combining the one you like. battery и evaporator. well and liquids... there are more than 100 varieties with high, medium, low nicotine content and no nicotine at all.

We have no right to recommend smoking or not smoking! We offer you to smoke safely, without harm to yourself and others! And after the electronic cigarette, you will forget the word “smoke” forever, because electronic “floating” is better than harmful “smoking”.

Check out the product presented in our club! We can also offer cooperation at favorable wholesale prices.

Interested? - Call, ask and order from our managers.

We will be happy to help you with the choice of e-cigarettes, liquids and accessories for them!

The advantages of our store:

  • Our stores have already won the trust and reputation in the market of electronic cigarettes. In Ukraine and Russia, we were one of the first to experience all the advantages of electronic “hover” and our entire team quit smoking.
  • We have created a “e-floating club”, in which there are already more than 1,000 like-minded people and full members.
  • With us you can make an order for any minimum amount, without restrictions
  • We have the most detailed information about each product.
  • You can always consult us about the product via skype (diana.galoyan5), online consultation, or by phone: +7 (978) 74 53 831
  • We have the most wide range of goods for electronic cigarettes in Russia and Ukraine
  • On our site photos of electronic cigarettes are shown both in the female and in the male hand. So you can visualize what a cigarette looks like in your hand.
  • You can see the video about each product only on our website.
  • We have our service center repair and maintenance of our customers
  • Our representatives of the service center will appreciate the malfunction of your cigarette, and in the case of a manufacturing defect, payment for repairs or its replacement is borne by our team.
  • We give a guarantee on the manifestation of marriage - 3 weeks (warranty does not apply to consumables)
  • Permanent add of news and all kinds videos about electronic cigarettes, see our knowledge base
  • Our experienced specialists constantly replenish device reviews electronic cigarettes
  • Delivery in Russia is sent on the day of the order (from the date of purchase on our website) and will be delivered to you by the service express delivery “KIT”and not only…
  • We have a network retail stores in Simferopolwhere you can see the whole range of products in reality